Welcome to Mississippi!

….and welcome to our new organization! We hope everyone will check back here often because we are rapidly developing plans for new and exciting initiatives.  Forgive us for a brief period while we cultivate and articulate the specifics of our plans.  We can assure everyone that they are exciting, powerful, and provocative! Thank you for your support!

Mission Statement

The Pink House Fund is a non-profit organization based in Jackson, Mississippi.  The goal of the fund is to be a voice for Reproductive Rights and Justice where few voices can be found.  With education and conversation throughout the state and beyond, The Fund will challenge misconceptions around reproductive health.  We will support and defend persons seeking reproductive health services on the ground, day to day, and face to face. The Fund strives to assure access to abortion services for ALL patients in need, wherever they are located and regardless of income or economic status.

Our Vision

We envision a society in which all people can access quality medical care such as abortion and reproductive health with compassion and without fear or judgement.  This society recognizes that facilitating the agency of its members leads to a healthier, more productive, and fulfilled population.