Southern states “legally” funnel funds to right wing law firms.

We here at the PHF like to remind the country that our anti-abortion laws are trend setters for the rest of the country when it comes to outlawing abortion on the state level. Louisiana is still in a legal holding pattern with a bunch of newly passed, unconstitutional laws because they are awaiting the legal outcomes of lawsuits filed by Jackson Women’s Health against new unconstitutional legislation passed here this year.
This article, which is a text book quality piece of investigative journalism, is an in depth look at the fleecing of the citizens of Louisiana. The poorest states in the U.S. such as Mississippi and Alabama allow their governments to spend millions of dollars pushing/defending a personal/religious/political agenda while refusing to expand Medicaid to assist the poorest and most vulnerable citizens in their populations. And the legal dollars don’t just NOT GET spent on citizens, the money gets FUNNELED to right wing lawyers for legal services! 

“Of the at least $1.14 million the state has paid out in private attorneys on the cases, the contracts show roughly 80 percent of the money has gone to firms led by Kyle Duncan, a prominent religious-rights attorney who was recently confirmed to a seat on a federal appeals court in New Orleans after a nomination from President Donald Trump.  Duncan referred questions to the attorney general’s office.”

We need more outrage in the south right now folks.