Did you know that Jackson Womens Health Organization is the only facility in the state of Mississippi where a woman can obtain an abortion? The clinic is independently owned and not affiliated with any type of large, national abortion provider.

What does this mean in terms of the survival of the clinic in the face of constant harassment from our own state legislature? In the face of the constant waves of loud and aggressive protesters who stand on the sidewalk outside our building?

It means that the last clinic in Mississippi stands proud, it stands strong, but it stands alone.

The Pink House Fund serves to proudly support and protect the delivery of abortion services in Mississippi.


JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI – JANUARY 24: The Jackson Women’s Health Organization, known as the Pink House, is the only abortion clinic in Mississippi. Clinic escort volunteers help women make their way past anti-abortion protesters by greeting clients and ensuring safe passage to the building. (Photo by Nina Robinson/The Verbatim Agency/Getty Images)