Words and images are pretty powerful.  They are direct, send an instant message to the brain, and can be unforgettable.

Anti-abortionists have known this for years and used both words and images to create stigma and fear surrounding abortion.

We here at The Pink House Fund feel inspired, though! We feel inspired by a couple groups we have run into and want to share their work. is talking about abortion.  They are ruffling feathers, and they are telling it like it IS: “When we launched the billboards in January 2018, our billboards displayed ‘Abortion is…’ with fill-in-the-blank sentiments taken from real patient stories”.  This campaign is engaging people to talk about abortion, and we’ve seen some anti-abortion sites where the campaign is also enraging some people.  Both make us pretty happy. came to Jackson Women’s Health Organization a few months ago to document the dedication and fearlessness of the people who serve as clinic escorts and defenders.  The photographic images they take are free to use non-commercially, and you will see we have used some of them on our site! But they don’t just document images of empowerment in the United States – they follow the lives of women across the globe “in decision-making roles, accessing and providing quality reproductive health care, and as active participants in their communities”.

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA- DECEMBER 01: The Louisiana State University Street Squad shares information about safe sex practices with fellow students. The Street Squad is a peer-to-peer education group conducting marketing and research for the LSU student health center, in partnership with Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has been a trusted source of expert, affordable reproductive health care and sexual health information in Louisiana for more than 30 years. (Photo by Nina Robinson/The Verbatim Agency/Getty Images)

The Pink House fund is building our foundation of inspiration around the de-stigmatization of abortion, and planning our own feather ruffling, empowering actions.  Stay tuned!