JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI – JANUARY 24: The Jackson Women’s Health Organization, known as the Pink House, is the only abortion clinic in Mississippi. Clinic escort volunteers help women make their way past anti-abortion protesters by greeting clients and ensuring safe passage to the building. (Photo by Nina Robinson/The Verbatim Agency/Getty Images)

By its very nature, being the sole provider of abortion access in the state of Mississippi makes every day an act of defiance and defense.  For decades, people have come to this site to protest and disrupt and, in response, people have flocked to this site to protect and defend.

The Pink House Fund is excited to say we are working with some very experienced folks to create programs to facilitate both teaching and learning how to defend abortion access under great pressure.  It’s not as easy as it looks! And for new people bravely stepping up and asking to volunteer to help defend abortion access, it can be scary.

Our goal is to bring in as many people who want to come; we will share, train, and EMPOWER new defenders of abortion access   and send them back out into the country ready to fight.