Clinic widens challenge of Mississippi abortion restrictions

On Monday, the only clinic in Mississippi put on some boxing gloves and with the help of some pretty fantastic lawyers decided take on the government.  The list of laws people here have to deal with is long.  These laws are unfair and unsubstantiated by any science or research.  The laws require women to make two visits to the facility to obtain an abortion, they require two parent consent for a minor to have an abortion, they require the doctor to give patient false information about bogus risks associated with the procedure, and on and on.  As the owner of the clinic Diane Derzis said, “These laws are designed for one purpose only, and that’s to put us out of business as well as removing a woman’s right to decide her future”.

Check out full coverage here. 

And if you want to see a sad, sad picture of Governor “I want Mississippi to be the safest place in America for an unborn child,” (note the glaring omission of wanting Mississippi to be the safest place for a woman), click here.

Feel free to post words of encouragement for the staff below.  It gets lonely being an abortion provider in Mississippi! We would love to hear from any supporters out there.


One thought on “Clinic widens challenge of Mississippi abortion restrictions”

  1. I live in Bartlett, TN, and was reading Daily Kos. Please know that most of us who have lived life–
    (I am almost 70 yrs. old), have learned that the whole issue of being a “human female mammal” is not easy from puberty on. I am so appreciative of your courage and compassion. There are no easy and perfect answers for difficult decisions, but appropriate medical care should be a right in every female’s
    community. Thank you for helping others and for surviving the taunts of those who choose to be ignorant.

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