An Update from The Pink House – and a Request

Firstly, we wanted to send out a message of solidarity and unity to our fellow abortion providers in Texas and with everyone dealing with the massive implications of the bill that was allowed by The Supreme Court to take effect today banning abortions after 6 weeks.

We know today was a hard day for many, but wanted to share with everyone what today was like for the staff at the only clinic in Mississippi. From 8 am until closing, our office was inundated with non-stop calls from Texas patients seeking abortion care.  We spent the day trying to not only reassure these patients that our clinic is open and available to give them care, but also inform them of the processes required by the State of Mississippi in order to receive abortion care – most specifically the 24-hour waiting period between the patient’s 1st visit for counseling and 2nd visit when they see the doctor.

Overwhelmingly, Texas patients reported they will be traveling 8 + hours to the clinic.  Many asked our staff for recommendations for hotels to spend the night between the first and second appointment. Some talked about having to try and rent a car because they were unsure if their vehicle was reliable enough to make the long trip to Mississippi and back.   Some even indicated they were considering sleeping in their car overnight.

The Pink House is honored to be in the position to provide vital and necessary health care services to anyone who needs them. This is why our staff and doctors walk through throngs of hostile, screaming, and threatening protesters day after day and week after week – because they are dedicated to being there and being strong when they are needed the most.

With the pending Supreme Court hearing of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization expected to be heard in the new term this fall/winter, we don’t know how long we will be able to offer our services. Until we are told we must close our doors, The Pink House Fund is here to offer swift and direct assistance to patients in need.

If you would like to support the patients, doctors, and staff at this monumentally pivotal time in our history, you may do so here. 

Thank you.