So what is the story around the creation, the genesis, of The Pink House Fund? The Pink House Fund was created by folks working with the only abortion provider in the state of Mississippi.  We created the fund after being woken up by a pretty loud wakeup call.

In early 2017, we saw an email being spread across the country among abortion rights supporters highlighting charitable work being done for Mississippi abortion patients by a group here in Jackson, MS.  The email went on to ask for more donations in the name of women seeking abortions in Mississippi, promising to deliver financial assistance to patients for travel, food, childcare, and even toward the abortion procedure itself.

As the only clinic in the entire state seeing the majority of patients in Mississippi, we knew first hand we were not seeing any patients being helped by this group.

It was at this point that we opened our eyes and took a good look around.  And what we saw were a lot of groups and organizations raising money in the name of abortion patients in Mississippi.  We asked ourselves, if our patients aren’t receiving help from all the donations flowing into Mississippi, who is? And it made us angry.

We know that people care about what happens to women and families in Mississippi.  We know that if someone gives a group or organization a donation, they trust that donation will go to helping patients or the movement make a difference.

With this Fund, we plan to hold groups/organizations accountable who claim to assist Mississippi women – either through direct funding or through more large-scale, nebulous ways.  We will use our real life experiences and voices as defenders of abortion in Mississippi, and work to destigmatize, defend, and deliver what others have not.

Thank you for your support!