Abortion Funding

The Pink House Fund Announces Launch of the Only Abortion Fund Solely Dedicated to Assisting Patients Receiving Abortion Care in Mississippi 

When this non-profit organization was started, it was not started with the intent of creating another abortion fund –  there were already organizations out there with the stated purpose of funding abortions for Mississippi patients. We weren’t trying to steer people away from those organizations, and, why should we? We wanted to exist to support the patients, staff, and doctors of the only clinic in Mississippi, and eventually spread love and acceptance around abortion rights in our state and beyond.

2021 is a different landscape.  Our patients don’t have the funding they need. Over the last year, The Pink House Fund has been quietly assisting patients who need money for their abortions at the last clinic in Mississippi.
So, We’ve decided it’s time to start being loud about it.

The Pink House Fund will now accept donations to assist patients pay for abortion care at the last clinic in Mississippi.

Anyone wishing to make a donation specifically to assist patients pay for abortion care, simply type ABORTION FUND on the “Add a Note” or “Add Special instructions to the Seller” line of the donation page and indicate if you wish all or a specific percent of the donation to be used to assist in abortion funding.

To be clear, The Pink House Fund will work with any other organizations or funds that wish to fund abortion care in Mississippi. Specifically, ARC Southeast has been reliably assisting in abortion funding for patients receiving care in Mississippi.  To clarify further, there is currently no local abortion fund assisting patients who receive abortion care IN MISSISSIPPI.

Our organization is in a very unique position to accept a donation to assist in abortion funding and immediately allocate those funds to a patient in need.  The Pink House Fund staff is in constant communication with the staff at Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Further, 100% of all funds donated for abortion funding will go to patient fees. We will NOT take any administrative costs or fees out of donations meant for abortion funding.  Every penny of every dollar earmarked for abortion funds will go to assist a patient pay for their abortion care in Mississippi.

Thank you to everyone out there supporting the cause down here in Mississippi. It can seem like a lonely struggle here sometimes, and the support and love we get from throughout the country and world helps keep us keepin’ on.